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:+( nah y’all you’re fake af i remember 75% of my dash hated ariana circa 2011 why y’all doin this lemme have this URL



I can’t decide on who to give away to, so i’m going to give it away at random. Anyone has the chance to win my url since it’s a highly desired one and I feel bad about being biased. I’m going to choose the new owner of this url 1 week from today (July 23, 2014) at 8 p.m….


frank the unicorn pillow pet is the only important part of this photoset.


I was reading tfios again and I came to  the part where Augustus first takes out a cigarette and Hazel starts yelling at him for smoking and I was thinking what if Augustus actually did smoke and he was just like oh fuck I really like this girl how do I bullshit my way out of this umm A METAPHOR!! Yeah that sounds pretentious enough!! Nice one Waters

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Marianas Trench’s red carpet arrival at the 2014 MMVAs.

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shut the fuck up

joey find me a cute ariana icon

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hi yall its been too long

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Favourite boys

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@Ashton5SOS: Why do we care so much about what people say?

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